Moralis 4: Beyond homosexuality, Who brought pedophilia to the platform?

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“This is an age of love not war… one day we’ll have all our rights, and society will recognize our sexual orientation towards children. We suffer from discrimination and injustice, although we’re able to build an emotional and sexual relationship with children sometimes even better than their relationship with their own parents” — [Tom O’Caroll]

We wonder, what would be your impression about someone described as being crazy, a maniac or a psychopath? And what would be your impression about another one described as anti-social and deserving of death? Or, someone about whom a writer said: “I wish he burns in hell!” Maybe any of these descriptions is enough to describe the horridness of such persons… But what if they were all describing one person? Don’t be astonished, there’s someone described as such by the public and the media around the world, it’s the paedophile.

Who is the paedophile?

In short: “A paedophile is someone who has sexual interest in children, whether or not they have engaged in sexual behaviour with a child.” However, despite all the harsh descriptions given to those paedophiles, those attributes are used by some people as a cover, allowing those perverts to make a fuss and raise their voices asking for a global recognition of their sexual orientations. You’re not dreaming, it’s true. You might still be shocked by the homosexuals demands for global recognition; you may be surprised by the voices of transgenders, or the fact that the west recognizes more than 50 genders of humans besides male and female. In addition to the various forms of deviation in the west, can you imagine that some people are asking the world to recognize their sexual interest in children, claiming that they’re a marginal group who won’t affect the reality of western societies.

Now let’s skip the imagination part and move to May 2018, in one of TEDx talks in Germany. There, you’ll see a medical student called (Mirjam Heine) standing on the stage giving her talk under a title you’ve never heard before: “Paedophilia is a natural sexual orientation”.

We should stop here and ask the questions that started to race your mind… We shall ask:

How has the snowball of sexual liberation and acceptance of others reached such a turn?

Was Heine’s presentation in TEDx the first of its kind in discussing paedophilia in public? Or was it just a ring in a long chain of events held by people and organizations supporting paedophilia and seeking to establish its existence in the world? And the most important question: what are the stages through which the speech about paedophilia may develop, until it eventually becomes something normal and accepted? And what are the similarities between the claims and logic of homosexual movements and their equivalents in the paedophilia movement?

Breaking the Taboo

“If you had told someone in the 1950s that, in about two generations, homosexuality would largely be normalized they’d have called you crazy.” — [Selwyn Duke, American Journalist]

Yes, homosexuality, you heard it right.

So far, the issue of paedophilia still has a bad reputation even in the western world, it’s enough to bring to its advocate some harsh criticism that’ll slander them mercilessly. And if we went back in time for only 70 years -like Selwyn said- we would find that the word homosexuality was faced with the same reaction, but now it’s smoothly adopted and normalized in the west. Thus, paedophiles and their supporting movements realize that legalizing paedophilia won’t happen over a night. But it’s a race that needs high persistence. This is confirmed by the American politician Allen West, as he thinks that the paedophilia movement will take the homosexuality movement as a role model and follow its steps to gain equality between paedophiles and the rest of society, exactly like homosexuals got their right to equality, and that psychiatrics are now re-defining paedophilia the same way they re-defined homosexuality few years ago.

The first step of normalizing paedophilia is breaking the social taboo, or the stereotype associated with it, through extensive talk about the matter -whether negatively or positively- openly and publicly to the audience.

Then comes the step of removing the negative attribute by turning paedophiles from criminals to victims who deserve sympathy. Until normalization reaches the desired stage, by proving the naturalness of paedophiles and that they have compulsive sexual orientations we can’t judge them for.

Concluding the story with legalizing their situation, making the rejection of paedophiles a form of backwardness, oppression and standing in the way of development and freedom.

Expected Clash

Considering the mentioned steps, the first phase hasn’t gone well for paedophiles and their advocates; with the start of the public discussion phase since the early 2000s, societies immediately condemned paedophilia and considered it a mental illness and a disorder that’s not up for debate. Mirjam Heine’s talk on TEDx Würzburg platform, has brought a lot of accusations and continuous insults to the platform, until it had to delete the video from YouTube and apologize for hosting this student.

On the other hand, the BBC published an article titled “Podophiles need help, not condemnation”, through which it declared that paedophilia is a “mental disorder” that needs treatment not acceptance, and concluded the article with an experience of a paedophile who was treated and cured from his interest in children and now leading a happy life with his wife.

The CBN news network has revealed many comments opposing the regard of paedophilia as a natural matter, including the psychiatrist Linda Mintle’s comment describing paedophilia as “a mental disorder in the category of paraphilias”

In addition to the statement of the famous psychiatrist Daniel Amen who says that: “Paedophiles have different brains than the rest of the population. If we scan their brains, they look more like people who have OCD and low frontal cortex”. UNBELIEVABLE!

However, was this onset enough to curb paedophilia or deter its promoters?!

Victims not Criminals

Let’s clarify a previous point, you might have understood that the steps paedophiles take to seize a recognition will be in a series, moving from one phase to another, but in fact, reality tells us a different thing.

In line with the first step (breaking the taboo) some have already proceeded to step two, trying to eliminate the social phobia towards paedophilia by claiming that it’s a natural sexual orientation.

They also worked on presenting examples and role models of paedophiles to erase the negative image people have of paedophiles. For example, Vice magazine published a strange statement of a child rape survivor, saying that: “Paedophiles should feel less ashamed, how can we understand these people if we don’t talk to them?!”

The New York Times also published an article titled: “Paedophilia: a disorder not a crime”, mentioning that paedophilia is a natural thing not subject to person’s choice,

and that recent scientific research proved that sexual interest in children is a result of biological factors activated by the surrounding environment.

Recent scientific research always saves us! CAN YOU IMAGINE IT!

This is confirmed by the Canadian researchers James Cantor and Paul Fedoroff in a paper published on Springer website, as they mentioned that “there is currently no evidence to suggest that paedophiles become non-paedophiles, either spontaneously or with treatment”, which promotes the idea that paedophilia is a genetic issue, not optional!

Moreover, the Huffington Post newspaper went even further when it published a file titled: “Not All Paedophiles Have Mental Disorder”, mentioning that sexual interest in children may happen to completely normal people, which means removing paedophilia from the list of mental disorders completely!

Stephen Kershner, a professor of philosophy at New York University, has discussed this matter in a whole chapter in his book “Paedophilia: A philosophical Analysis”; where he defended people who have sexual interest in children as normal people who don’t suffer from any mental disorder whatsoever!

To this point we may see it as just random contributions with no prior organization, however, a paedophile blogger under the nickname Ender Wiggin has published a statistic on his blog titled “Yes, ‘Our Kind’ Will Be Accepted: The growing social acceptance of non-offending paedophiles”, where he included the positive articles about paedophilia in global newspapers. He found that in 2010 only one article appeared, but the number increased by seven folds in 2012, developing to 15 positive articles between 2013 and 2015, until they reached 36 articles in 2016.

This development in the acceptance of paedophilia is due to the efforts of the electronic organization “Virtuous Paedophiles” that was launched in 2012 to contribute to the normalization of paedophilia in society.

This is confirmed by the status of this organization and other similar organizations around the world compared to their status only 40 years ago. As during the 80s about 40 paedophile organizations were closed or taken over in Denmark, Norway, Italy, Australia, France, Belgium, and Germany. But nowadays, they write in newspapers and appear in platforms. The Dutch professor of law Edward Brongersma, who is a former prisoner with the felony of raping a child, has published a study in two volumes titled: “Loving boys: a study of sexual relations between adults and minors”.

Are you still following the development of their efforts?

Here’s this news…

Voice of Paedophiles

We’re now in the final stage; after making an event, then normalizing deviant orientations, comes the step of demanding their rights.

In this step, paedophilia movements aim to achieve 3 goals:

  • Removing the Age of Consent, which is the legal limit of age allowed to have sex with another person.
  • Removing pedophilia as a disease from the World Health Organization guidelines.
  • Lastly, legalizing the relationship between an adult and a minor who consents this relation.

In order to achieve such demands, many movements and individuals are active in real life and online to provide scientific articles and research studies supporting paedophilia, besides a network of public relations to enhance the status of paedophiles around the world.

These websites include IPCE, Boylinks, BoyWiki, SpeakOut for Boys, and on top of these websites comes “NAMBLA” organization, which is the most famous organization advocating for “paedophiles rights” in the world, carrying a message of: “supporting paedophilic relations based on mutual consent, to empower boys and girls and give them the freedom to choose their sexual partners.”

In this pursuit, the organization seeks to amend the age of consent to become 10 years, claiming that children at that age have the ability and eligibility to choose their behaviours and sexual orientations, and they support their claims with a number of scientific studies allegedly proving what they say.

In light of these consecutive steps, the danger of paedophilia seems to be a guest in the western world lurking around us.

If the situation continued at this escalating pace, it’s likely that we might find the White House celebrating the new marriage law, which will enable an adult man to marry the love of his life who’s playing with other kids in the school yard between classes!

In a world that promoted homosexuality as a natural act which happens among animals, no wonder that we find paedophiles promoting their deviation with the excuse that it’s common among Baboon animals.

which are the most genetically similar animals to humans according to the rubbish theory of Evolution.

Yes, everything is allowed when man is considered a talking animal resulting from a chain of evolution, with no innate nature or standards, but rather an animal driven by his desires.

﴾إِنَّ شَرَّ الدَّوَابِّ عِندَ اللَّهِ الَّذِينَ كَفَرُوا فَهُمْ لَا يُؤْمِنُونَ﴿
[ الأنفال: 55]

Surah al-Anfal

55. The worst of creatures in Allah’s view are those who disbelieve. They refuse to believe.




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