Fitna 5: Islam and civilisations.

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Perhaps one of the stupidest claims promoted by atheists and secularists today is the idea that the Arabs occupied many areas of the world by force and have not left them to this day, giving examples of this such as North Africa and areas of Asia. The sad thing is that to this day we see a group of common people who have drifted with This movement began to sing praises of ancient civilizations such as Babylonian, Samaritan, Pharaonic, and Berber, and they blame the Arabs for being an occupying entity that occupied their lands and civilizations.

I will not delve into the idea of whether what they are demanding of restoring their ancient pagan civilizations will actually restore their glory in our time or not, but I want to address the idea that this group of people has not yet distinguished between Islam and Arabism.

Unfortunately, these fools and semi-intellectuals have not yet understood how Islam spread. Such slogans only reflect their ignorance of history and their blind belief in baseless claims.

The proponents of these slogans did not understand the difference between Islam and Arabism. North Africa, for example, had and still has the majority of its population Amazigh, and they even had the first role in spreading Islam to Europe and Andalusia. Likewise, the Muslims of Andalusia were not Arabs, and the same is the case in Egypt and so many other examples. They are all peoples who accepted Islam with open arms, knew the truth, took it as a religion and a way of life for their lives, and created a civilization with it that brought them out of the darkness of paganism and ignorance into the light of Islam, and they even played an active role in spreading it.
These (thinkers) did not yet understand this matter, nor did they wonder how Islam spread so quickly in less than a century and reached the East and West, while the Arabs at that time were few.
The answer is because it was Islam that spread, not the Arabs, and today we still see its widespread and rapid spread in the heart of Western societies.
In addition, these fools did not understand the difference between Islamic conquests and Crusades.
In his book Rethinking: Islam and the West, the British thinker Ahmed Paul Kheeler touched on this idea, where he said that Islam was born within societies and its members accepted it and adopted it as a religion, so it became part of their identity to the point that they learned the Arabic language and made it their language, while the Western Crusades were spreading. With weapons, colonies, and replacement
Natives by Western peoples.

Perhaps what contributes to the spread of these ideas and allegations within our societies is the intellectual submissiveness that Muslims experience and their complete submission to the West. This phenomenon was expressed by Malek Bennabi in his famous theory of “susceptibility to colonization,” which is the general character that prevails in society.

And I would like to remind muslims tha the companions of the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, did not deal with The Romans and Persians as an advanced civilizations. On the contrary, they viewed them as backward people who lived in darkness despite their progress and development, and thus they triumphed and conquered the world.
may Allah help.




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