Idols of the Age — Entrance to Corruption

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One of the most prominent problems facing societies in general today is the type of thinkers who enjoy eloquence and the art of public speaking, wear elegant clothes, and enjoy great media support and promotion to spread their ideas and theories. You find them coming out behind screens and on platforms, filling our ears with nonsense and corrupt theories that destroy. Human values and the foundations of society. I will discuss this in detail later, but before that I would like to touch upon an important point that I wrote about in a previous article, which is how people are affected by some ideas and opinions.

The consumer mentality that spread in the last century even included ideas, and the latter became a product consumed by the common people and sometimes even intellectuals. The issue of adopting an idea, doctrine, or even a belief became related to the speaker’s eloquence, style, and method of delivery. Smooth speeches and meaningful contents It has a great influence on people’s minds.

But there is another, more dangerous aspect of the speaker’s eloquence, which is the extent of the listener’s susceptibility to being affected by the speech or content presented to him. When many people and common people begin to research a topic, they find, unfortunately, in addition to their direct consumption of the opinion of that speaker, whom they often select and glorify, You find them starting their search journey from an initial, pre-conceived idea that they have adopted so that it is consistent with their whims and desires, so their search for the truth becomes a journey of searching for arguments and proofs with which to prove their opinion and with which they put the rest of the eyes to sleep. If they strip their search of all neutrality and rationality and turn it into a process of consuming arguments and… Evidence that satisfies their whims.

On the other hand, a group of thinkers plays a major role in providing these people with false arguments and corrupt opinions to satisfy their desires. You find them creating theories and conducting research based on fallacies and lies that only the ignorant or misguided would accept.

Dr. says Nayef Bin Nahar, in his book Introduction to the Science of International Relations, states that every intellectual product that takes the character of internationalization and globalization must have intellectual roots and philosophical supports from which to start marketing this product.

There are many examples of this, false theories and doctrines such as Darwinism, which opened a wide door to massive massacres and ethnic cleansing operations carried out by the colonial West in the past two centuries, as well as atheism, which was secularized, ideologized, and promoted by quasi-physicists such as the scum Stephen Hawking and others, who did not Basically, they have no useful scientific credit and have not added anything new to physics and science. Their theories have basically not been proven and most of them are a form of fantasy. What confuses and angers me is the way they promote people as scientists with sound minds and opinions, and then you find them talking about the existence of… God (or not), so how can we consider the one who speaks on this topic to be a physicist and not a philosopher or cleric?
Another example that recently appeared like a cancer in the body of the sick Islamic nation. It is the Abrahamic religion, which I consider to be the greatest catastrophe, this theory or doctrine, or call it as you like. In addition to being a corruption of the Muslim’s belief, which is his key to Paradise, it dilutes the religion, especially among the common people and the new generation, so it makes the Muslim tolerant and accepting of every corrupt infidel. The biggest winners behind spreading this theory are the Zionists, as it opens the doors to normalization for them, as well as the Christian West, as it makes it easier for it to penetrate the Islamic nation and spread its ideas. Whoever accepts the Abrahamic religion today does not prevent him from becoming a Christian tomorrow.

The bottom line is that ideas are viewed by thinkers, corrupt theories are spread, individuals are consumed, and society is destroyed.

These thinkers and philosophers receive great support and promotion from those with influence, power, and money because of the intellectual materials they provide that serve their interests. Feminism, atheism, Darwinism, liberalism, and other ideas are nothing but poisons that serve capitalism and consumer culture, weaken society and make the individual… An empty vessel that you fill with anything that serves the interests of these forces.
Any product is presented to him as the right one, and he consumes it for nothing but because he has been told so.

God Almighty said: “Have you seen of him who took his own desire as his god, and whom God led astray upon his knowledge, and sealed his hearing and his heart, and set upon his sight A deceit, so who will guide it after Allah? So will you not remember?”




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