Fitna 7: Beyond Stereotypes: Rethinking Islam and the West

5 min readApr 7, 2024


I n the West there is Islam and there are no Muslims!
We often hear such expressions that spread in our Muslim societies and were believed by intellectuals before the common people, and I particularly mention here a large segment of our society that raised the slogan of subordination and submission to the West and fascination with them.

By Vildan Maksuti

From my point of view, the spread of a saying like this that Islamizes the West and turns it into angels is due to two reasons
The first is that this type of people is influenced by European and American civilization and what they see as false manifestations of human and animal rights, justice, and prosperity.
Ibn Khaldun says in his introduction that the defeated is always fond of imitating the victor, and the reason for this is that the soul believes that perfection lies in the one who defeats it and submits to him.
This dependency led them to reduce religion as a whole to some standards set by the West to reflect its humanity and present it to us as the party that represents light and goodness, and what is below it is backwardness and evil.

But! I would like to ask a question before I continue writing: Isn’t the black person who lives in African villages and suffers from famine today because of the West’s colonial policies a human being?

The second reason that directly led to the spread of such ideas is the corruption of the doctrine of the segment that is considered to be on the authority of Muslims. This corruption led to a defect in the criteria for differentiation between nations and societies. When it became central to man and his rights were given precedence over the rights of the Lord of servants (which is monotheism, love and hatred in God and loyalty Muslims despite their shortcomings and hostility to the infidels despite their advantages) The issue of the entry of the infidel West has become a matter of debate among some, to the point where we began to see those who have mercy on their dead for no other reason than because they were good or had just positions on some humanitarian issue.
Since the arguments of this group of people, which has set up the West as its gods, most of them are arguments based on humanitarian theories and slogans of rights and freedoms, there is no point in inferring legal texts from the Qur’an and Sunnah. Such proofs, despite the force of truth they contain, unfortunately do not find listening ears.
But let us consider this phrase: “In the West there is Islam and there are no Muslims.”

Well, Islam forbids adultery in order to preserve lineage and lineage and to protect society from decadence and the ills that it entails. As for the West, and because it is a country of freedoms, the percentage of children out of wedlock in France reached 65%, according to the French health website, 43% of the people who discovered that they were infected with HIV. Humanity in 2019 were men who had sex with men. In 2020, 2.1 million gonococcal tests were performed in private laboratories, as the number of gonococcal infection diagnoses increased and the rate of positive results rose from 3.2% to 3.9%, and this rate was higher among men (5.8% ), especially men who have sex with men, and trans people (6.3%) compared to women 1.2
In 2022, there were 320 abortions per 1,000 births, according to the Directorate for Research, Studies, Evaluation and Statistics, which puts France far ahead of Germany and Switzerland, which recorded 129 and 125 abortions per 1,000 births respectively, according to the Eurostat website. Not only are the numbers The number of abortions in France is the highest in Europe, and it is not decreasing. The number of abortions has increased from 202,180 cases in 2001 to 234,300 cases in 2022, which is the highest rate ever, and this statistic is constantly rising in Europe, China, and the United States.

In the West, there is Islam, but there are no Muslims. Islam came and forbade alcohol and gambling despite the benefits they contain, and forbade, by analogy, everything that detracts from a person’s mind, destroys his vision, and destroys his health and money. Many fools may see it as obliterating a person’s freedom and suppressing his desires, and accordingly, according to the European Monitoring Center. Drugs and drug addiction Nearly 30,000 people die in road accidents in the European Union every year, and alcohol is responsible for about a quarter of deaths.
The World Health Organization links alcohol consumption to 30% of deaths resulting from unintentional injuries, such as drowning and road accidents, and 39% of deaths resulting from intentional injuries, such as suicide and homicide.
Alcohol use is also associated with serious psychosocial consequences, including introducing youth to other substances and engaging in unprotected sex, which ultimately play a role in the transmission of diseases such as HIV and viral hepatitis.
The World Health Organization estimates that alcohol causes approximately one million deaths annually in the European region. As for gambling, last year, players spent approximately 7.9 billion euros on online betting sites.

Islam forbids usury to preserve people’s money, but in the West, usurious debts, along with the prevailing consumer mentality, represent a major problem. In France, 42% of people suffer from a negative account on a regular basis at the end of each month, and more than a million individuals suffer from a state of excessive indebtedness, most of which is due to… Consumer credit.
In the United States, half of the national wealth is concentrated in the hands of the richest 10% of the population, while 45 million adults are in credit card debt, including 11 million who are late on their payments. In the UK, two million people suffer from excessive debt, 800,000 of them due to consumer credit.
These chronic debt situations have serious consequences. Poverty is deeply rooted, preventing savings, investment, and any path that leads to a stable financial situation. Stress, anxiety, depression, health problems and job loss compound the picture, exacerbating social exclusion. With debt-ridden individuals deprived of access to basic financial services, housing, and job opportunities, they find themselves stuck in a vicious cycle that is difficult to escape from, all because of what God has forbidden.
There are many examples and evidence of this. In the West, there is no Islam, but there are cattle (indeed, they are more astray from the path) that centralized everything to man and exploited his desires in the ugliest ways to achieve profits, make money, and seize power.

In the West there is no Islam, but there is a society that made man a material or rather a beast that eats, drinks, engages in sex and sodomy and borrows from the bank for consumption and to satisfy its desires and whims and then returns him during the weekdays to his office as a slave who works from eight to five to pay off his debts and then to borrow again. To return to his animal life at the end of the week.
The laws were not revealed to deprive man of the pleasure of living, but to protect him from himself, and some people were only prompted to declare that there is Islam in the West because they reduced the message sent by Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, to some false images of justice and humanity that the West portrays.




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